How to Kill It as a Freelance Filmmaker

Freelance FilmmakerWhether you dream of making it big in Hollywood or you simply enjoy working with photographic and video equipment, becoming a freelance filmmaker is a very worthy goal and can quickly become lucrative enough to quit the rat race. However, becoming a freelance filmmaker is no easy feat; it requires special thought and consideration in order to make sure that you won’t be clamoring back to your boss begging for your job back. But if you get it right, the rewards are well worth the risks

Being a freelance filmmaker is no easy task, but if you follow a few of these steps below, you’ll be well ahead of the other amateurs who never paid any thought to these important points.

  • Consider an Education First

Many classes and college courses exist for the sole purpose of becoming a filmmaker; but money may be tight and you may be reluctant to spend your hard-earned money on a course or university when you’re unsure of if you’ll be able to make it or not. Our advice, if you do decide to go down the route of becoming educated in the trade, be sure to carefully research any courses or universities that you’re interested in to make sure that they’re not frauds, and to be sure that they will educate you completely. To do this, you can review the syllabus or their curriculum; but don’t forget to ask questions!

  • Film For Family Events

While it may not be as high paying or well-paying as some of those other lucrative jobs, it’s still a good start, asking family and friends if they have a particularly important event that they want to film or have filmed. Some examples include an anniversary, a camping trip, a wedding, a homecoming, or even a child’s birthday.

  • Invest In Quality- Affordable Equipment

As mentioned above, you may not have the most forgiving budget when it comes to investing in your new-found hobby or career choice; but if you can invest in quality equipment from the get go, you’re well ahead of the average amateur.  To get started, be sure to invest in a high-quality camera, a tripod, and a protective carrying set of course. These are not the only two items that you’ll need, but it’s a good start as a camera is oftentimes the most expensive piece of equipment you’ll ever invest in, so be sure to do plenty of research and read up on many reviews before you finally hit that buy button.

  • Set Goals and Re-Evaluate Them In Few Months’ Time

Of course, no business gets very far without planning goals or creating a mission statement. That’s why you should take time before you purchase the equipment to sit down and think about your goals. Will you be doing this full-time? Part-time? How much are you looking to do? These are all things you need to consider

If you enjoy all things Hollywood and filmmaking, becoming a freelance film maker is certainly a very rewarding career indeed. If your client’s enjoy your quality and work, you could easily make enough to replace your day job and it’s all from doing something you love. What’s not to love?